Component 2c: Managing Classroom Procedures



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Ireneo Abadejos


Welcome to Managing Classroom Procedures! Research points to striking differences between the ways in which effective classroom managers, and their less effective counterparts, approach new groups of students. A key difference lies in the area of classroom procedures and rules. More effective managers distinguish themselves by how clearly they articulate and integrate procedures and rules into a workable system and how effectively they teach those procedures and rules to their students. Both procedures and rules should be relevant, meaningful, and purposeful—they should facilitate classroom management and support instructional goals. Procedures or rules that may be perceived as arbitrary should be avoided. Requiring students to submit homework written in black pen only, for example, might become an obstacle or source of frustration that hinders, rather than aids, learning. If you have trouble rationalizing a procedure or rule to yourself, you may not need it.


Upon completion of this module, the learner will develop an increased capacity for:

  • Defining procedures and rules that govern the classroom;
  • Explicitly teaching the procedures and rules; and
  • Reinforcing expectations by monitoring students' actions, providing feedback, and applying appropriate consequences


This self-paced module will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and consists of the following activities:

Upon completion of this module you will be receive a certificate of completion that can be used for your professional portfolio.

Course content

  • What is Component 2c?

  • Rules and Procedures in Practice

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