Component 2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning




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Welcome to Establishing a Culture for Learning! A culture for learning refers to the atmosphere and energy in a classroom where students are actively engaged in the learning process.  An enthusiastic teacher, who serves as the cornerstone for a classroom, encourages students to do their best to achieve academic success -- no matter how difficult the content appears. As a result the classroom becomes a learning community in which students take pride in their work and encourage each other.

As a result of this module participants will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of the classroom environment to the instructional process;
  • Brainstorm norms to encourage effective collaboration among students;
  • Create a censogram to use in their content area; and
  • Reflect on their own instructional practices as they relate to this component

This module, which will take approximately 25 minutes to complete, includes the following activities:

  • Reading: What is a Culture of Learning?
  • Discussion: Collaboration Ground Rules
  • Activity: Creating a Censogram
  • Discussion: How Would You Assess Yourself?


Course content

  • What is a Culture of Learning?

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