Component 1f: Designing Student Assessments




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Welcome to Designing Student Assessments! Assessments can be a powerful instructional tool. There are two major types of assessments:

  • Summative assessments ensure the students have achieved the learning objectives of a particular lesson or unit
  • Formative assessments check for learning in order to modify instruction to ensure the students academic success

Regardless of the type of assessment being used, they must be created and designed during the planning process.  The use of rubrics when assigning work is critical to the students understanding of the expectations of the assignment. Once assessments have been administered, teachers should use the results to plan future instruction. 


As a result of this module, learners will increase their capacity to:

  • Examine the different purposes of assessment and strategies for use of effective assessment and
  • Reflect upon their own classroom practices and brainstorm individual strengths and weaknesses


This module, which should take approximately 25 minutes to complete, consists of the following activities:



Course content

  • Designing Student Assessments: The Framework Says . . .

  • The More You Know: Types of Assessments

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