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I have worked with children implementing behavior-analytic services for over 15 years. I have a license in mental health counseling and have been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2008. In 2011, I taught master level BCBA courses at National University in San Diego, CA. I recently received a doctoral degree from Arizona State University in Behavioral Healthcare Management (DBH). I have been the owner and president of Child Enrichment Center, a behavioral health agency for children with autism, since 2006. To learn more about Child Enrichment Center check out our website at I have supervised and trained hundreds of practitioners in the practice of behavior analysis who work with children with autism. I love working with children and feel so very fulfilled in my work. My goal is to share the knowledge and tools I have gained in my practice to others working in the field.

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  The purpose of this course is to provide the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) applicant the Competency Assessment portion of the RBT certification.    

This Competency Assessment Course satisfies the RBT Competency Assessment requirement only.

The RBT credential requires applicants to meet minimum age and education standards (documentation required), obtain 40 hours of acceptable training, successfully complete a competency assessment, and a criminal background check (documentation required). Go to the BACB website for more info:   RBT REQUIREMENTS.   This course accessed by invitation only. 

Once a student of this course becomes RBT certified and begins working with clients, they will be required to change their BCBA supervisor to one who is employed by the same company or is chosen by the client.  



Where do I find out more about the RBT certification and all its requirements?

RBT Credential Overview: this link provides an overview of the RBT and their role in behavior-analytic services. 

RBT Requirements: this links provides the list of requirements for apply for the RBT credential. 

RBT Examination:  the BACB has their own examination to determine the applicant's competency and this link explains how the exam is administered and what is required by the applicant to complete prior to taking the exam.

Who will teach this course and sign off on my RBT Competency Assessment?

Instructor:  Sarah Haws-Taylor, DBH, LMHC, BCBA                                                                                                                 

Certificate #1-08-4728     

When is the instructor available or what are the office hours for this course?

Monday-Thursday 9am-Noon  (PST) 

The instructor will be out of the office and on vacation July 11th - 14th and the 22nd to the 24th and August 17th - 25th 2019 and will not be available for grading or final face-to-face meetings during this time.  If you purchase the course during these days, I will not be able to invite you to join the course until I return.                                                                        

Who do I contact if I have questions:

Email the instructor:

How much does this course cost?

Price:  $159 

Read through the following information and pass the RBT Competency Assessment readiness quiz below to access PayPal payment link. 

What if I have a question about the RBT Certification?

The RBT Applicant will be required to know what the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) requires for the RBT credential.  It is not the supervisor's responsibility to provide this information to the RBT Applicant.  Information on the requirements to become an RBT is located on the BACB website.  Read through the requirements posted on their website for the RBT before contacting the instructor for further information.  The website frequently changes their documents, forms, and links, so review the site regularly for changes to their policies and forms and let the instructor know when a link on this course is outdated.  The instructor will try to keep links updated as the course develops.  

What is required for me to show that I can do the tasks on the list and get signed off on the RBT Competency Assessment?

This course is a self-paced completely online course using video submission of video recorded behavioral samples using YouTube and one face-to-face meeting via Skype or FaceTime.

1) Students set up a google and a YouTube account they can upload their videos as private,

2) add to the list of those that can view it,

3) share the link in their assignments for this course,

4) provide a copy of a current government identification card (driver's license) to show your age and a cleared copy of a criminal background check to ensure that you can work within the human services field in your area, and 

5) meet with the instructor face-to-face for the final assignment and interview.   

How long do I have to complete this course?

Though this is a self-paced course, the assignments must be completed within 60 days of the purchase date. This will allow the RBT applicant time to get in all of their information to the BACB to apply for the RBT exam within the BACB specified time. 

What will you receive after you have completed this course?  

You will receive a signed copy of the RBT Competency Assessment that can be submitted to the BACB when you register for the RBT certification.  The BACB lists the requirement for the RBT credential on their website so review it carefully so that you know what is expected.  

What if I don't think I can complete this assessment on a learning platform like this?

If you don't think you can navigate the technology required to complete the competency assessment with this course like approach, you can contact Crystal Washington, LMHC, BCBA, another approved BCBA supervisor who can conduct the assessment for you using email submissions.  Contact:

What do I need to have or do before starting this course?

1) The student must have completed the 40-hour RBT Training Course and provide a certificate of completion to the instructor as one of the assignments in this course or have completed Child Enrichment Center's 40-hour RBT Training Course hosted by Eliademy.

2) The student must have video-conferencing capabilities on their computer and have set up a Zoom account:   Once a face-to-face meeting is scheduled (after you have completed all other assignments) you will receive a link to join the meeting for the date and time selected.  Face-time may be used instead. 

3) Students may NOT select Sarah Haws, LMHC, BCBA as their supervisor until after passing and completing this course and receiving a certificate of completion as well as a signed copy of the Competency Assessment to be submitted to the BACB. 

4) Have access to a digital video recorder on your phone or computer to easily upload their SHORT video presentation of themselves and another person including a client as long as their confidentiality is respected (no face or personal identification information). 

5) Able to take SHORT video clips of themselves, complete with a client or role-playing with another person, the tasks from listed on the RBT Competency Assessment form. 

6) Successfully upload video clips to YouTube and copy and paste the link to the comment section of the assignments. 

7) Consent to videotape a "client" for assignment submissions.  Consent forms are attached to the assignments where a "client" (I like to see you work with a young child/client) as required to show that you can teach spontaneously.  


What else do I need to know before I start the course?

1) Read thoroughly and download and print your copy of the RBT Competency Assessment Requirements.  You will be tested on this information.

2) The guidelines for the RBT Competency Assessment is outlined on the first page. 

3) You must be able to video yourself implementing several of the tasks listed in the Competency Assessment form.  Each "Task" in this course will require a short video submission no greater than 10 MB of the applicant implementing the specific RBT task that will be explained in this course.  The instructor will review each video file and grade according to the guidelines specified in the assignment.  

4) If you need help email the instructor. (Do not use the Discussion board, the instructor can respond quicker to email.) The instructor is not responsible for technical difficulties.  This is a self-paced course so there are no deadlines, therefore, the student has plenty of time to work out technical issues (taking videos and uploading video files) on their own.  

4) This course is in English, therefore students will be required to demonstrate proficiently the RBT tasks via video file in English.  The student will be responsible to make sure all video submissions have a clear picture, the face of the student is visible, speech is intelligible, and that the audio has appropriate volume.  The instructor will not accept video submissions that do not have a quality picture and/or are not understandable. 

5) You will need to be able to prove via legal documents that you are 18 years or older (e.g. drivers license). 

6) You will need to obtain a copy of a cleared criminal background check equal to one provided to those who work in human services in your city and state. 

What are the tasks I will be completing in this course?

There are two types of tasks listed in this course for each topic from the RBT Task list/Competency Assessment.  

1) Video Recorded Behavioral Samples - uploaded to YouTube and the link to the video copied and pasted into the comment section of the task and at times an additional document to be completed and submitted with the video file link (e.g., corresponding data sheet with the procedure demonstrated in the video sample).

2) Assignments - a response submitted via a completed document or response to an essay question the instructor will review to make sure the student understands the concept and can complete forms, data, graphing tasks required for RBTs in the field of behavior analysis. 

3) FINAL Assignment - a face-to-face meeting with the BCBA Supervisor/Instructor via Zoom or Face-time.  You will provide three different dates and 15-minute time slots for the instructor to select to complete the Competency Assessment.  All other assignments must be completed before this assignment can be submitted. 

Refresher ABA training videos will be provided for each topic so you will know what I am looking for in your video submissions and the steps I want to see that you can follow for the assignments you will submit. 

Video Submissions


Behavior Reduction/Crisis Intervention

 (e.g., environmental arrangement, blocking aggression and teaching replacement communication). Less than 5-mins.

Document the crisis situation including all of the information outlined in the task instructions. Submit with the Behavior Reduction/Crisis Intervention task.  

Duration Data Collection - Less than 3 mins.

Partial Interval Recording assignment (watch a video of behavior and collect data on it)

Frequency Data Collection - Less than 3 mins.

Enter Data into an Excel Graph

(a completed data sheet and graph template will be provided)

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

3 occurrences of the behavior (short!)

Document the FBA data on the ABC Data form and submit it with the video link in the FBA Video Submission Task.

Preference Assessment

(3 presentation trial no longer than 2 minutes)

Preference Assessment data sheet (should be completed while doing the preference assessment with the client and submitted with the Preference Assessment Video Submission Task)

Natural Environment Teaching Less than 5-mins.

(need a client or a young child to show you can do work invivo (unplanned). 

Task Analysis Data Sheet – (choose a self-care task and write down the steps in a task analysis data sheet – no data required just the steps)

Positive Conditioned Reinforcement (tokens, money, points, praise..etc. on a variable or continuous ratio)

Skype Meeting - discussing progress in assessment, provide overall feedback, and answer additional questions about the tasks. 

Discrete Trial Teaching - Less than 5-mins.

Criminal Background check and State/Country Identification card submission                                                                            

I don’t want to look for several minutes through a video to find what I am looking for to assess.  Be brief with the videos…I only need to see a few trials or occurrences of the target skill to make an assessment. 

How do I start the course?

1.  First, click on each of the listed topics found on this page.  These pages will each describe the RBT Task requirements, some refresher videos and a brief description of the tasks that will be required for each of these topics. 

2. After you have reviewed the material in each of the above pages and understand what will be expected, click on the Tasks tab found at the top of this page that looks like this:

3. After you click on the "Tasks" tab, you will see this:


First, complete the BCBA Supervision Agreement for RBT Applicants and submit it for your first assignment by clicking the first tab.  You do not need to go in the order presented but you don't want to start or complete the Final Assignment until you have passed all of the other assignments.  

Please email the instructor if you have any questions. 


The instructor will grade student tasks/assignment and video samples Tuesday - Thursday12:30-3: 30 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

The instructor will only grade by topic, there for all of the Tasks need to be completed for a topic before the instructor will grade those Tasks.  

Assigned Reading:

BACB Professional & Ethical Compliance Code by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) 

RBT Task List by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)

RBT Competency Assessment by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)

Supervisor Feedback:

One of the RBT Competency Assessment tasks to be assessed is the RBT or applicant's ability to respond well to feedback provided by the BCBA Supervisor, #12.  This will be assessed throughout this course for every task and all correspondence between the supervisor and RBT or applicant. If this is your first credential or certification, know that it requires persistence and patience and it is slow and steady that wins the race.  It is rare for any credentialing process to be speedy and for everything to work out perfectly.  Take each task step-by-step and gain experience in how state and boards process applications.  


After reading through all of the material listed in this overview.  Take our online quiz to find out if you are ready to start our RBT Competency Assessment Course.  


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