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Many job seekers and recruiters talk about core competencies they're seeking in viable candidates. For example, sales representatives need strong communication and relationship-building skills, while IT professionals must have analytical and critical thinking skills. It's the same with HR functionality -- you must have certain staff competencies to accomplish HR department activities and goals. A competency-based approach ensures that the HR department is functional and effective.

Training and Development

Within the context of HR, training and development includes new-hire orientation, apprenticeships, leadership training and professional development. For an effective HR training and development component, a competency-based approach starts with conducting a needs analysis to determine the type and extent of training. For example, preparing skilled tradespersons usually requires an apprenticeship program. Likewise, a retail store gearing up for a busy season with mass hiring requires regular new-hire orientation sessions; a company preparing assistant managers to take on higher-level responsibilities must have leadership training and professional development to support its succession planning.

Talent Acquisition

A competency-based approach in HR recruitment involves determining how many vacancies exist, identifying the basic and preferred requirements for each position and how the recruiters will go about sourcing and attracting candidates, and screening applicants to shortlist viable candidates. For example, recruiters might create job descriptions and consult hiring managers to establish job requirements. The competencies used to shortlist candidates might start with social media to source and attract applicants, followed by a two-interview process and skills assessment.



Course content

  • What do we mean when we say “COMPETENCY” ?

  • What is Common in the definitions?

  • Behavior Indicators

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Key Behaviour Indicators

  • What is a Competency Model?

  • Competency - Broad Categories

  • Traditional Job Analysis Vs Competency Approach

  • Distinguish Superior From Merely Satisfactory Performance

  • How does it help!!

  • Competency based recruitment

  • Competency based Performance Appraisal

  • Competency based Training

  • Competency based Development

  • Competency based Pay

  • Competency model building


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