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Laura Woods



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Compass Direct ensure hotel options are always available to your participants. Direct access to consumer hotel inventory can be provided within your existing Compass Web App—without a hotel contract—either alongside your hotel block, or after it sells out.

Key Benefits

  1. Sell additional hotels at the best available consumer rates during the event cycle in addition to contracted event hotels, if additional properties/inventory cannot be contracted.
  2. Event hotels can be sold through Compass Direct at non-contracted consumer rates once the block's inventory sells out or post cut-off, allowing for further maximization of blocks.
  3. Compass Direct can be utilized for events where no hotels were contracted, year-round events and more.
  4. Compass Direct also provides our contact center agents with direct access to the most competitive airfares, car rental rates and rail fares, providing your event with a full-service travel benefit.

There are two parts to this course:

1. Building a Meeting that will only have Compass Direct Hotels (Internet Only).

2. Adding/Turning On Compass Direct (Internet Only Hotels) for a meeting that is either Sold out or passed Cut off. The functionality to 'turn on' Compass Direct Hotels (formerly referred to as GDS Hotels) allows onPeak to accommodate guests that contact us in need of rooms after cut-off of contracted hotels.  

There are many locations in Compass that refer to Compass Direct/Web Rates in other ways: Internet Hotels (Timeline) Affiliate Hotels (External Services). When communicating with clients about these services: We call it Web Rates. Otherwise, technically speaking; we set up Compass Direct internally in order for Web Rates to appear externally.  

Course content

  • Web Rates Only Meeting 101

  • Adding Hotel Web Rates to a Meeting

  • Web Rate Reservation

  • Web Rate Confirmation

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