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This course is designed to teach participants how to organize and manage their accounting activities using QuickBooks Software.  Students will learn how set up a new company and chart of accounts; record transactions with customers, vendors and employees; manage lists; run reports and customizing them; change forms and generating letters.  This course assumes that all participants are proficient in working within the Windows environment.



On successful completion, students will be able to efficiently use the QuickBooks software.



Company Files, Chart of Accounts, Preferences and Users

How to Create your Company File

Setting up Charts of Accounts

Understanding the Home Screen

Setting up Preferences

Setting up and adding Users

Creating and Using Chart of Accounts


Lists: Customer Lists, Estimates, Invoices, Credit Memos & Statements

Creating Customer List, Estimates and Invoices

Creating an Invoice from an Estimate

Invoicing Customers

Receiving Payments

How to Create a Credit Memo

How to Create Statements


Lists: Vendors, Bills, Items & Purchase Orders

How to Add a Vendor

How to Enter Bills for Vendors

How to Pay Bills to Vendors

How to Work with Items

How to Create Purchase Orders

How to Receive Purchase Orders or Items

How to Create Bills for Items

How to Pay for Items

How to Manually Adjust Items


Lists: Employees & Payroll

Overview of QuickBooks Payroll Service

How to Setup Payroll Items

Working with Employees

How to Pay Employees


Registers, Writing Checks and Balancing Accounts

How to Work with Registers

How to Create Entries & Write Checks

How to Reconcile/Balance Statements


Loans & Credit Cards

How to Setup Loans in the Chart of Accounts

How to Setup Loan Payments

How to Setup a Credit Card Account

How to Enter Credit Card Payments



Form Customization

Reports Customization

How to Memorize a Report


Other QuickBooks Features

How to Search for Transactions

How to Make a To-Do List and Reminders

How to do a Mail-merge

Memorizing Transactions

Customizing QuickBooks

How to Backup



Participation in Discussions                   10%

Homework Assignments (3)                   20%

Class Assignments                                20%

Quizzes                                                  20%

Project                                                    30%

                          TOTAL                        100%




QuickBooks Software

Hand-outs will be supplied by the Course Instructor


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