chantale pamplin

Researcher, Patient Handover and Situation Awareness

I am a Respiratory Therapist and healthcare quality improvment expert. I work to improve healthcare systems in British Columbia, Canada. I am passionate about human factors, culture, and communication.

Reviews (2)

Andra Grigore Hart
Excellent information. Looking forward to changing the way Handover is given, and hopefully developing a standardized tool. Thanks for all your hard work. The course was very informative.
Kathleen Christison
Thank you Chantale, good pertinent information!



This course will provide you with an overview of essential information on teamwork and communication in the peri-operative setting, including how teamwork and communication can enhance patient handover between care providers. A specific focus will be on situation awareness and how it affects communication between care providers.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the meaning of communication, what leads to poor communication, and how to improve communication by using closed loop communication
  2. Understand the meaning of patient handover and how a poor patient handover may lead to adverse events
  3. Understand what situation awareness is and how to use the concept of situation awareness to improve patient handover



  1. Providing consent to participate in the research by way of completing the modules 
  2. Read each module 
  3. Share this information with your colleagues


Study Module Completion

Enter your feedback on the modules and also your own working environment - no names or identifiers will be caputerd or retained. 

Course content

  • Study Consent

  • Communication in Acute Peri-operative Care

  • Patient Handover

  • Situation Awareness in Patient Handover

  • Conclusion

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