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Welcome Demigods to the class which is, in my opinion, the most fun class anywhere.

Here, you can let out your anger, duel with friends, and train for greatness.

Here, you will learn the art of combat both with and without weapons.

Here, there are only 3 rules:

•Absolutely NO killing or severing limbs

•Ignorance of basic protocols will be met with an adequate response

•Should you face difficulties, I am open to giving private lessons and individual attention. If you need help, ask


Syllabus for Year 1:

• Week 1: Get to know your strengths

• Week 2: Training according to strengths

• Week 3: Throwing weapons

• Week 4: Handheld weapons

• Week 5: Explosives

• Week 6: Kenpo arts (Empty hands)

• Week 7: Firearms

• Week 8: Duelling week

• Week 9: Finals (Intensive Individual Training)




Here is the plan for your years here at camp.

(please keep in mind that this may change over time, but this is as I plan it will go)



•Year 1: An introduction and kind of feeling out what it is like to fight

•Year 2: Mostly Individual training with a wide array of weapons as well as no weapon combat

•Year 3: More training with sharp weapons and more actual "destruction" (inanimate targets of course)

•Year 4: Mostly controlled dueling and one-on one combat

•Year 5: Focus on Battle in large numbers

Year 6: In-depth techniques in all weapons

•Year 7: Army strategy

•Year 8: Team training

•Year 9: Disabled training (blindfolded or you are not allowed to use your right arm or something to that effect)

•Year 10: Summary of all previous years. A "Final" of sorts and will test your retention of all previous knowledge


Should you have any questions or wish to tell me something, you can contact me at

Good luck to all students!


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Course content

  • Lesson 1: Get to Know Your Strengths

  • Lesson 2: Training According to Strengths

  • Lesson 3: Throwing Weapons

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