Lori Borth



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Course Description:

This course is designed to familiarize you with the workings of post-secondary study and

make you aware of the resources available for students. You will gain the tools and

information needed for you to manage the “college experience” – from program choices,

financial aid, and registration to personal goals and career plans. You will be able to utilize

services available to students and develop a support network on campus. You will improve

those practical skills (effective study habits, critical thinking, test taking, time management,

goal setting, etc.)essential to success in any program. You will have the information and

resources required to make informed choices regarding you future plans.

Course Objectives:

You will learn the following skills:

Discovering your learning style

Charting your best times for certain tasks

Time management

Setting reading and writing goals

Active reading strategies

Improving reading speed and comprehension

Journal writing to improve ability

The writing process

Effective Note taking

Study skills and understanding memory

Test taking strategies

Setting short-term and long-term academic goals

Topics Explored: 

Campus information sources: college bulletin and website

Admission requirements and application

Placement testing

Financial aid sources and application

Registration and fee information

Understanding degree choices and their requirements

General education requirements

Dropping and adding classes

Grades and academic requirements

Student services on campus

Career goals

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