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Patrick McKay

Patrick is a Graduate student at St. Vincent that will graduate in May of 2017 with a Master's Degree in School Counseling. He has coached baseball for 20 years at every level from youth instructional to professional. This program is based on his coaching and playing experience through a lifetime of baseball. He continues to play organized baseball as a member of the Pittsburgh Franklins Vintage Base Ball Team. Here he gets to share the history of the game and partake in the sport that has been his passion. He has a 4 year old son, and enjoys fishing and boating in his free time.


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Welcome to Coaching Baseball with Coach McKay!  This course is designed to give you the background knowledge of the fundamentals of baseball so that you can effectively manage a team. Whether you are a beginner who is looking to coach in the community or a seasoned veteran that is looking for an edge, this course will help you gain the information needed to take your team to next level.  

The course is broken down in to 5 sessions (3 hours each) with the following topics:

1. Infield-learn the fundamentals of each position and drills to improve 

2. Outfield/Team Defense-learn the fundamentals of outfield and incorporate a team defense practice plan

3. Pitchers-10 Steps to the wind-up, the stretch, pick-off moves, mentality and effective pitching

4. Catchers-Blocking, framing, calling the game, throws to bases, fielding pop-ups and bunts

5. The Art of Hitting-Power, contact, bunting, hitting to all fields and base running techniques

During each session you will learn a systematic approach to teaching the game that is based on numbers. Each technique is broken down into numbered steps, with coaching points of emphasis for each stage.  This method trains muscle memory in your players as well as gives you a specific road map to follow when implementing your practice plans. You will do the drills as you learn them so that you may also serve as a model to your players.  You will receive feedback as you progress that will also serve as future feedback that you can use with your players as you assess their progress.  Come in athletic clothing with the intent to get a fun workout and an extensive education of the game!


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