CNC Machine: Processing How It Works


Josh Hubbard


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       Man vs machine is more prevalent now than ever before. The industrial world is now a playground for robotics and computer generated machines. The CNC machine, which this course is formatted around, has become a go to for most major manufactures. The CNC allows for many manufactural advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed throughout this training course. Starting with the history and basic principles of the CNC, we will then advance into how CNC communicates through varies programs and G-code. The course will end with a downloadable CNC simulator. This simulator will allow use to insert a G-code and visually see how the whole process works.

Course content

  • The History of the CNC

  • Types and Operations of the CNC

  • Advantages and Productivity of the CNC

  • Introduction of Software and Programming a CNC

  • What is G-Code?

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