Marinella P. Garcia Sy, Ph.D.

Development Education Specialist

I am an advocate of ICT-integration in instruction as a means of improving the quality of basic education. Thus, designing this online course in Climate Change Education provides another channel of learning for the STE junior high school students in preparation for their senior high school and tertiary education.

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This course is intended for the Science Class students of Junior High School at Carlos F. Gonzales High School, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines. This is a virtual classroom for Climate Change Education. It is patterned after UNESCO's Climate Change in the Classroom with the goal of bringing climate change education outside the four corners of the Science classroom into the various subject areas upon which climate change now has a relevance and impact or will impact in the future.

The online course on Climate Change includes learning resources from the Philippines' Climate Change Academy in Legazpi, Albay; presentations from the Climate experts of PAGASA-DOST, Klima of the Manila Observatory, Ateneo de Manila University; a student site on Climate Change from US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); among others. 

Also, tasks are required for completion and submission at the end of each part of the course as well as online forums or discussions wherein the participants are required to share their opinions and ideas about the issue/s at hand. 

With the foremost goal of educating the young stewards of Mother Earth towards AWARENESS AND RESPONSIBILITY; as ambassadors of goodwill for the preservation and protection of the environment, the students are highly encouraged to SHARE WITH OTHERS ONLINE the learning and enlightenment this course will bring upon them. So be it.


Course content

  • Task 1: Climate Change for Sustainable Development

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