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Laura Woods



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The COMPASS Reservation System™ requires certain basic components that are used as building blocks when building a meeting. In this chapter, we will gain an understanding of the basic building blocks in COMPASS, the relationship between these building blocks.

The underlying foundation for the COMPASS Reservation System™ includes: Clients, Accounts, Markets, Global Meeting Sites, and Global Hotels. These components are needed to begin building meetings for use in COMPASS. Each of these components may have sub-components that enhance the data maintained in the underlying foundation.

A client in COMPASS is described in three layers. A Client can have many Accounts. An Account can have many meetings. Each layer is described as follows:

A client is the basic descriptor for whatever company “owns” the meetings built into COMPASS. A client has “accounts” and “accounts” have meetings. For example, the client, Reed Exhibition Company has many accounts, a couple examples are:  International Security Conference and Star Wars. Each of these accounts has a meeting(s) every year.

An Account is a holder for a event that is not date/time specific. For instance, the account “International Security Conference” has two meetings – “ISC East 2025” and “ISC West 2026”. These are two meetings of the International Security Conference account.

The meeting is the main object in COMPASS and can be thought of as an instance of an account for a specific date. For example, “ISC West 2026” is a meeting for the account “International Security Conference”. In this example the Account and the Meeting have a similar name, but that is not always the case. 

Course content

  • Client

  • Accounts and Meetings

  • Markets

  • Global Meeting Sites

  • Global Hotels

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