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The purpose of this online training is for you to be more prepared for what needs to be included in your classroom when school starts. The training also highlights a few key components of classroom management during the first few weeks of school. There will be an assignment at the end that will need to be turned into your campus Assistant Director by the first day of school.

The following video will help you get a better understanding of what a typical classroom needs to include at American Leadership Academy:

     For 7-12 specific information, follow this link after you've watched the video above:

Please refer to these materials to help you prepare for Culture Week:


Elementary Checklist

Elementary Looking Good - What Should Be on Our Walls?

**Please make everything on your walls have an academic purpose.**

  • Classroom WIGS
  • Classroom mission statements
    • Example: Miss Disney’s 2015-2016 mission statement is to study hard to help prepare us for what is coming up in school. We will work steadily and never give up!
  • Student Personal Mission Statements
    • Keep in data notebook
  • Teacher mission statement
    • Talk to campus AD about how this should be displayed
  • K-2 Saxon Morning Meeting area
  • Jobs (for all students)
  • Schedule
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Agenda on the whiteboard
  • Essential questions
  • K-5 (CKLA Spelling Wall)
  • Math Wall,  Language Arts Wall (recommended, not required)
  • 7 habits (poster or bulletin board)
  • Student work posted
  • Alphabet strip (K-6)
  • Classroom Library
  • Bulletin boards (writing samples-changed monthly)
    • Encourage parent involvement to help with your bulletin boards
  • Rules Displayed
  •  Procedures/Classroom Management Tools
    • Ideas: hand signals for bathroom, sharpening pencils, tissue, drinks
    • Positive reinforcement behavior management system





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