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Best practices for chemical safety and security not only protect chemicals from accidental and intentional misuse but can also make aspects of handling chemicals more efficient. CRDF Global, on behalf of the U.S. Department of State’s Chemical Security Program (CSP), and in partnership with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, hosts a three day workshop during which international chemical professionals will share technical expertise. This workshop will bring together experts and practitioners from research labs in KFUPM and industrial research labs from around Dhahran, raising awareness of chemical safety and security and building expertise among participants for implementing an organizational level plan for chemical safety and security.


Chemical Safety and Security Workshop Topics

Risk Assessments
The first step to increased chemical safety and security is identifying hazards and risks. Participants will discuss the role of chemical prioritization, risk management matrices, safety data sheets, security vulnerability assessments, physical controls and procedures used to identify and mitigate risk.

Chemical Regulatory Compliance in Saudi Arabia
Leaders from the chemical industry will discuss public policy procedures in Saudi Arabia, how these policies support chemical safety and security, and how to implement them in research and teaching laboratories.

Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Chemical Safety and Security
Participants will discuss how to motivate employees and set up structures that encourage chemists, lab managers, and industry leaders to develop and improve safe and secure chemical practices in the laboratory and beyond.

Effective Chemical Inventory Management to Increase Safety and Security
This session examines how chemical inventory management enhances chemical safety and security in the laboratory. KFUPM will provide information on the inventory management system in the university’s research and development laboratories.

Chemical Transport, Handling and Storage
This session focuses on the elements of a safe and secure chemical supply chain from procurement to transport, shipping , laboratory use and disposal of chemicals.

Workshop Speakers

Dr. Neal Langerman
In 1997 Dr. Langerman established Advanced Chemical Safety, a consulting firm which is specifically dedicated to the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and environmental damage. Dr. Langerman consults with many companies worldwide in general industry as well as in the semiconductor industry to improve chemical handling practices, develop emergency response teams, and upgrade industry safety practices. His areas of expertise include chemical safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance. He provides litigation support and expert testimony related to Failure-to-Warn litigation and chemical accident investigations.He also prepares precautionary labels for chemical containers and Material Safety Data Sheets for chemical products. His most recent publications include the book “Precautionary Labels for Chemical Containers” and a peer reviewed article, “Material Safety Data Sheets: Who Uses Them?” Dr. Neal Langerman received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and his PhD in Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Dr. Christine Straut
Dr. Straut is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the International Biological and Chemical Threat Reduction Program at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She is a PhD Analytical Chemist with eight years of experience in academic and government laboratories.  Her primary research focus is in developing and modifying chemical testing methods for chemical protection on fabrics, fibers, and films. To date, she has authored/coauthored five peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and has reviewed draft standards on Chemical Vapor Detectors for the American Society for Testing and Materials Draft Standards Task Group. Dr. Straut is currently an instructor / project lead for chemical security engagements in Kenya and Saudi Arabia.  She has developed training materials in chemical distribution, chemical supply chain, Globally Harmonized System of labeling and transportation, safety data sheets, inventory management, and risk assessments. She also works as a researcher to develop and modify chemical detection and decontamination techniques.

Mr. C.B. Stevens
Mr. C.B. Stevens is an international security professional and a chemical risk management expert with over a quarter-century of experience in anti-terrorism, security risk analysis, infrastructure protection, pipeline and supply chain security, and public-private security practices to support the assurance of commerce. As a Principal Consultant with AcuTech Consulting Group, Mr. Stevens provided global security risk assessment, risk management and other security services to commercial clients in multiple industries, including hydrocarbons, chemicals and transportation. He also served as Chief of Assessment, Review and Evaluation for the Office of Antiterrorism Assistance within the U.S. Department of State where he developed and implemented the office’s Security Management System’s assessment methodology.

Course content

  • Workshop Presentations

  • ANSI/API Std 780 SRA Methodology

  • Lab Risk Assessment Tool

  • Additional Resources

  • Free Chemical Risk Mgmt Software: Chem-SAM

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