Maziyar Sabet

Dr. Maziyar Sabet


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This module covers the essential science and understanding of defining industrial chemistry and then gives a view of the chemical industry, its position in the general economy, and its classification in terms of the chemical processes that characterize it. To enable the study of selected chemical processes, unit operations and unit processes, especially those that are relevant in later learning activities, are then covered in Unit 2. With this background, it will be easy to study industrial inorganic and organic chemical industries. It is also focused on some basic inorganic industrial processes that synthesize products from a variety of raw materials derived from the natural environment. They include manufacture of chlorine and sodium hydroxide from brine, ammonia from methane and nitrogen, sulphuric acid from Sulphur, and fertilizer from mineral ores. The study of organic industrial chemistry then starts with petroleum refining followed by the manufacture of selected petrochemicals and polymers.

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