CentOS 6 - What's CentOS and how to install it


Miguel Angel Cabrerizo


I'm a System and Security Administrator & Open-Source enthusiast living in Spain. I'm interested in Cloud solutions like OpenNebula, Openvswitch, Honeypots, IDS and networks.

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the good course.
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I grad very much to hear this thing.
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subin khanpiampaisarn
It is the good Linux course to learn and practice for everyone.


In this free course you'll learn basic information about the CentOS Linux distribution and how to install it in a physical or virtual machine. 

Thanks to free tools and apps like Prezi, Youtube and, of course, Eliademy, you'll have access to videos, presentations and quizzes that hopefully will help you to learn more about CentOS.

I'd like to warn you that this is not a course about how to use CentOS or become a CentOS sysadmin, but I can prepare an advanced course if many people are interested. Please give me your feedback after finishing the course.

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About the instructor

This course is taught by me, Miguel Ángel Cabrerizo - the owner of the N40Lab Blog at Wordpress.com. 

I'm a System and Security Administrator & Open-Source  enthusiast living in Spain. I'm interested in Cloud  solutions like OpenNebula, Openvswitch,  Honeypots, IDS and networks. I've been using Linux since 1998  and CentOS since 2006. 

I'd like to thank my wife Isabel and my friend Jose David for testing this course and helping me to fix some  issues.



As the main goal is to learn how you can download and install CentOS you'd need the following if you want to enhance your learning experience:

  • You'll need 2 - 3 hours to complete this course.

  • A network connection.

  • If you want to follow the installation videos, you would need a virtual machine or a physical machine with enough disk space to install CentOS. In our videos we'll use the free VirtualBox software to run the installation process using a virtual machine.

  • You need Little knowledge about Linux or Operating Systems.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course you'll learn:

  • What's CentOS Linux.

  • Where you can find useful information about CentOS.

  • How to install CentOS using different options.

Course content

This course is organized in four lessons. In each lesson you'll find videos, presentations and links to free study materials. If you find typos or you have any doubt please give me your feedback, this course is a work in progress and it will be improved with your help.

Warning: I'm using Prezi and Youtube to store presentations and screencasts. Due to browser security mesasures, your browser can show a notification about "page including scripts from unauthenticated sources" and the presentation is not visible showing a white box, that's because the presentations are embedded without a secure connection. If you trust these contents please allow them to be loaded.

Here I show you how to allow the "unsecure" content for different browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10/11

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox


But in any case, I also provide a link to the presentation that will redirect you to the Prezi web site.

OK. If you are ready, let's begin!!!

Course content

  • Lesson 1 - What's CentOS

  • Lesson 2 - Downloading our CentOS image and choosing how to use it

  • Lesson 3 - Installing CentOS 6

  • Lesson 4 - Advanced information

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