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Renzo Pellandini


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Do you know what is and how to do Constructive Feedback?

Feedback is a crucial activity for individuals and teams to develop and grow. This short online course will cover the foundation of good Feedback giving, and will spend quite some time discussing the importance of Feedback receiving.

Benefits and Expected Result

After mastering this simple course, you will receive basic knowledge about:

  • What are the three key elements of good feedback

  • How the "Ladder of Inference" works and why we get to different views about the same topic

  • The role of the feedback receiver and the shift of mindset

  • How to journey between their story and our story to build up value and relationship.

Course Audience

This course is dedicated to:

  • All participants of leadership training which included a Feedback module

  • All people intrigued to know how feedback works and interested to grow and learn.

  • It could be used as a "light" stand alone course without exercices. 

The Course Syllabus

Course contains 4 main parts: 

  • Feedback Process - Video Course

  • Interview to Sheila Heen co-author of "Thanks for the Feedback"

  • Review Quiz

  • 2 Exercises


References and Credits

The material presented in this course is based on several main courses from esteemed professors:

  • "Thanks for the Feedback" - Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone - Lecturers at Harvard Negotiation Project


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