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Lizzy Minish

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Roosmarijn Charles


CDN Trust Kids Camp could not happen without our awesome bunch of volunteers! You guys give up 5 days of your life to come let intermediates know that no matter what background they come from or what they have done they are valued, made with a purpose and loved unconditionally. 

There is nothing quite like a Kids Camp and often your first camp can seem a bit like getting thrown into the deep end. We want to equip and train you as much as possible before camp to make sure no matter what goes down on camp you can swim! 

The following course contains lots of helpful hints that will make your job as a leader way easier, some legal things that we need you to read and some videos to help it go down easier. 

You need to complete all the tasks before your first Kids Camp, and all you Kids Camp veterans out there will need to re-do it once a year to show us you still know your stuff. 

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