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    This orientation should provide students who will be doing their practicum or internship at Corpus Christi Metro Ministries with a basic understanding of the population they will be serving, along with the agency’s and intern program’s policies and procedures. All students are expected to bring with them knowledge and skills in the social service or psychology field; this orientation will hopefully help students gain insight on how those skills are going to applied within this unique setting to attain a variety of field experience that comes when working with this diverse population.At the end of the orientation the student will:

  • identify tasks students perform, and where to locate information about them in the intern manual
  • recognize the characteristics of the agency and clients they serve
  • understand proper procedures for duties to be performed according to the CCMM agency policies and intern policies

    In order to finish the orientation you will need to have a printer to print out the check list provided in this one hour course that states you have read and acknowledge the policies and procedures. This document needs to be signed and given to the intern supervisor at CCMM before the tour of the site is given. The orientation consists of:

  • A webquest found in the History, Mission, and Goals of the Agency and Program 
    • After completing the webquest you will be asked to answer six questions explored through the links  during the activity. Answers to the questions can be posted in the discussion forum under the Introduction to the Population tab.
  • A presentation found in the Policy and Procedure Section
  • A short test found in task section of the course consisting of multiple choice questions over orientation to check your own knowledge of the orientation materials
  • The intern manual 
  • Additional resources for students to  view about providing services to the homeless population, and a list of references used to create this course
  • A checklist to sign to acknowledge you have read and understand the materials provided here 

    To complete the course start by watching the clip below, and then move onto the webquest and questions. After you have finished being introduced to the agency and the population here, move on to the presentation about the agency policies and procedures. Afterwards complete the test. Finally print out the checklist found on the left tab labeled Checklist, then sign and return it to the intern supervisor.  


  • To get Started watch the short video clip below of Deborah's story. After you have finished watching the video, move on to the next topic by selecting History, Mission, and Goals of the Agency and Program tab to the left or at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can also view the short article The top 20 things I’ve learned working in a homeless shelter.



Course content

  • History, Mission, and Goals of the Agency and Program

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Intern Manual

  • Resources

  • Checklist

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