Cave Rescue Medical Supplement - Beyond Wilderness First Aid


Kevin Palmer

Kevin lives in Banff working as a full time EMT-P with Covenant Health. He completed his Diploma in Mountain Medicine in 2014 and has just completed his requirements for his Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. He is also the Vice Chair of the medical committee for the Alberta / British Columbia Cave Rescue Service, ALS medical volunteer at Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resorts, DiMM exam editor, Wilderness Medicine Magazine contributor and the Banff Wilderness Care Conference chair.

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Brent Davis
Excellent presentationsKevin!


This course is under development. (but open for learning)

Topics will be added as they are developed.  

This course is intended for volunteers of the Alberta / British Columbia Cave Rescue Service, however is open to anyone interested in reviewing information we feel relevant to Cave Rescue.  The course is to provide supplemental information on first-aid and medical response specific to Cave Rescue.  Due to the environment and duration of cave rescue events providing care to the sick and injured in these situations requires additional approaches not typically seen in most wilderness first aid courses.  The information provided is knowledge only.  Practitioners should follow local protocol if applicable.  If there is conflict between what is presented here and local protocol we hope that this content brings up a healthy discussion with local policy writers, so the best care can be provided for the environment everyone works in.  As mentioned in the title this is a supplement to wilderness first-aid.  This course assumes participants have a back ground in first-aid, pre-hospital care, or allied health professional education.  Items discussed may also exceed the scope of practice of some participants.  Scope of Practice does not limit learning, but it is everyones responsibility to understand their own scope of practice when applying any principles discussed in this course.  

The course will consist of multiple topics that will include a variety of multimedia didactic learning topics.  Each topic (listed on the left) will include a quiz at the end.  

Course content

  • Assessments

  • Hypothermia

  • Vital Signs

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