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Health Promotion


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 Welcome to the We I.D. Everyone tobacco retail education training. 


Purpose of this course: is to help retail clerks develop skills needed to avoid selling tobacco products to customers under 19 years of age 


Please follow these steps to begin the module:

  1. Click "Enrol for Free" (located at the top right of page)
  2. Use a personal email or a social media account to create a log-in
  3. To start course, click bottom right link on this page titled, Tobacco Retailer Education - link is also on upper left under "Overview"
  4. To click through the training see the links located on the right and left or links on the left side of page under "Overview."


You must complete quiz to get credit

After you have clicked through all the links and information, please do the following to complete the quiz and get credit for the training: 

  1. See top of the page and click on the Tasks link
  2. Locate the Tobacco Sales Quiz and the Trainee Information task
  3. Complete the quiz
  4. After completing the quiz, you will be able to see your score.  If you do not get 100% you can choose to try again until you get the answers correct.
  5. Click submit.


Once you have submitted  your completed quiz, you will receive your Certificate of Completion via email once the course administrator has reviewed and approved your submission.

Please be sure to complete both tasks (Tobacco Sales Quiz and the Trainee Information) otherwise your certificate will not be sent. 


What do you do with your Certificate? You keep a copy and have a copy filed at your place of work in case you get inspected the store can provide proof of your training. 



If you have questions, please call Kye Nordfelt at 435-986-2593 or email


Thank you. 

Course content

  • Tobacco Retailer Education

  • Why It's Important to Check I.D.

  • Knowing the Law

  • Types of Tobacco Products in Utah

  • Penalties for Illegal Tobacco Sales

  • How to Avoid the Illegal Sale of Tobacco to a Minor

  • Understanding the Different Formats of Identification

  • Common Mistakes

  • How to Calculate the Age of a Customer

  • How to Refuse an Illegal Tobacco Sale to a Minor

  • Where to Go for Help

  • Tobacco Retailer Education

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