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Global Goals, Social Justice and Community Transformation

Eminus Academy is dedicated to providing world-class vocational training in a variety of fields. In a globalized world where more and more people are highly educated, in order to succeed, you need to have skills which distinguish you from everyone else. It is our mission to educate the people of the world, helping them gain valuable skills which will help them be able to succeed.


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Course Description

Paddle for Peace: Introduction to Human Rights is a short course exploring five key concepts of peace.  As part of the Piece Prize initiative, the course demonstrates how each person is an integral piece of society.  Even though one person alone cannot solve all global peace problems, each person can work towards taking responsibility for one piece – a part of the whole. 

Participants in the course will be encouraged to consider ways in which to make their communities more peaceful places.  Through understanding five key Human Rights and the impact of kindness and care, we can each contribute to creating a better world. The vision of the Piece Prize is to empower regular people to participate in their communities, putting the possibility of making positive changes for peace in their hands. 

The Paddle for Peace course is designed to accompany the Silent Heroes Tour—a 5,600 km kayaking journey taken by Mark Fuhrmann from Oslo, Norway to Athens, Greece.  As he paddles, Fuhrmann will discover ways in which people are helping others, and in doing so, create bridges of peace one person at a time.  Students who participate in Paddle for Peace: Introduction to Human Rights are encouraged to follow Fuhrmann’s journey of peace on his blog.

In partnership with Eminus Academy it is the hope that Paddle for Peace and the kayak journey will inspire thinkers, activists and regular people in local communities to think of themselves as pieces to the puzzle of peace—moving each of us to do our part.


Paddle for Peace focuses on the importance of peace in relation to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Inspired by Mark Fuhrmann’s solo kayak tour, encompassing 5,600 km from Oslo, Norway to Athens, Greece, the course explores the message of peace.  As he paddles, Fuhrmann will discover ways in which people help others, and in doing so, create bridges of peace one person at a time.

Earn a Certificate of Completion for this Course in Human Rights

This course is open to everyone. There is no charge for the course.

Participants are invited to review each module and take the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Completion. Fulfilment of course requirements will be recognized when 3 of 5 tasks have been completed. When you complete assignments, the course facilitators will review them. Upon completion of three tasks, participants will receive a certificate of completion signed by Eminus Academy and Mark Fuhrmann.  We look forward to reviewing your work.

Paddle for Peace is brought to you by Eminus Academy, an online e-learning school offering a range of courses with a focus on providing youth around the world with skills necessary for 21st century employment.  Eminus Academy partners with UN Habitat, the University of the Fraser Valley (an accredited Canadian university), UNOPS and Eliademy to offer courses to students around the world. For more information, visit Eminus Academy's website.

Our Mission

Eminus Academy is dedicated to providing world-class vocational training in a variety of fields.  Our aim is to educate people of the world, both young and old, helping individuals gain valuable skills which will help them  succeed. In a globalized world where more people are highly educated, people need skills which can be distinguished from others.  While Eminus Academy only offers its service in 78 nations at the moment, we are working hard to make quality skills training available to every nation in the world.

Changing the World

Eminus Academy wants to affect positive change in the world.  To that effect, we have tailored courses around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which if achieved would make the world a more equitable place.  Through our courses,  we directly  addresses 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Indirectly, our actions and the actions of our students will affect all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting a more caring, equitable and sustainable world.

At Eminus Academy, we have a practice of designing the courses we offer around the goals which humanity has set out for itself.  By linking our courses with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we ensure that the public has access to the world's agenda and has a means of impacting it.  Paddle for Peace: Introduction to Human Rights will provide students with a better understanding of human rights, will promote gender equality, will reduce inequalities, while upholding peace and justice, as well as show the power of community.



A Piece of the Puzzle

Each person is an integral piece of society.  Even though one person alone cannot solve the global peace puzzle issue, each person can be one piece – a part of the whole.  Through acts of kindness and care we can make our communities more peaceful places. If we do not contribute to creating a better world, the puzzle will have missing pieces, leaving an incomplete picture.  From afar you may not notice the missing pieces in the larger peace puzzle, but when looking closely the absent pieces are impossible to ignore.  In the local community, those missing shapes are pieces of us. We hold the pieces ourselves, as we have the power for change and recovery.  We are in fact the solution for peace.

Here is a short video from the United Kingdom about human rights.  It underscores the importance of learning about human rights and making sure that we use them.


Malala Yousafzai is an education activist and the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  Her campaign for education rights began when she started writing a blog for BBC Urdu at the age of eleven.  The following year, she participated in a New York Times documentary which detailed her struggle to have an education in a region of Pakistan which was occupied by the Taliban.  As she rose to prominence, so did her influence with the girl becoming the face of education rights.  In October of 2012, she was shot point-blank in the head by a Taliban gunman, who hoped to silence her.  Malala survived and support for her cause erupted around the world.  In her acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, she reminds us all that peace is something that we must all aspire to and something that we all need to work towards.  Learn more about Malala here.

About the Piece Prize

The Piece Prize is a humanitarian award to recognise individuals/organisations who are actively involved in making neighbourhoods, communities and cities a peaceful place through acts of genuine kindness and caring.  Recipients of the award show a strong caring attitude, reaching across ethnic or cultural barriers to assist people to find their place in society.  We live in a divided world—a complex mix of people, all of which have different political, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  This necessitates community and the Piece Prize seeks to make it easier for those promoting its ideals to be recognized.  Today, our community is at risk—integration becomes disintegration and disintegration is a threat to civil society.  We hope that this inspires you to do more for your community, no matter how small the gesture.

Course content

  • The Course Facilitators

  • 1st Piece: Words | The Right to Free Speech

  • 2nd Piece: Worship | The Right to Beliefs

  • 3rd Piece: Wants | The Right to Needs and Wants

  • 4th Piece: World Sustainability | The Right to Use Resources So Not to Impact Future Generations

  • Worry Free: Right to Not Be Afraid

  • For Educators

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