Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute HL Williams

President/Senior Provost

Dr. Williams is President of Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute Higher Learning. Dr. Williams is bi-vocational, earning degrees from Bachelor to Doctorate in the secular and religious field. Educational Customer Delight Menaa Award Winner and School Menaa Award Institution, Dubai 2016.

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Freddie Hudson


In considering subjects having to do with Christian ethics and practical Christian service, it is first necessary to understand that the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ are not to be separated from Christ Himself.

Much is involved in the worship of God. Many think that all is included in church-going and the saying of prayers. Scripture shows that there are at least four experiences of the devotional life: adoration, thanksgiving, petition, and meditation. Scripture also tells us that we may admire men, but we worship only deity.

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