Jelizaveta Janno

Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fond of logistic, a fan of dangerous goods in transportation, in love with teaching and mentoring. For more information on research and projects in CV at Estonian Research Information System:


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Welcome to Topic 8 - Delivery analytics and KPI's


~ 26 hours of work

Multiple videos


Handbooks & reports

1 Final assignment


TOPIC 8 -  Analytics and KPI´s (1 ECTS, 26 academic hours  of individual study)


Jelizaveta Janno (TTK UAS); Kati Nõuakas (TTK UAS)

Short description:

Within this topic students will learn to define essential Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from the perspective of specific e-SC with its goods and services. Aspects related to evaluating the effectiveness of distribution and delivery process by using relevant KPIs will be in focus.

Learning objectives:

The objective of this topic is for students to obtain the knowledge of using different analytical models and KPIs to choose appropriate indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of concrete delivery and distribution processes within e-SC.

Learning outcomes:


After completing the course student will know:

  • why KPIs are important from the perspective of distribution and delivery of e-commerce to know about company’s performance;
  • what are the different KPI´s that could be relevant for the concrete distribution/ delivery process within a e-SC;
  • basic available software solutions with their possibilities to analyze transportation metrics related to e-commerce;
  • what critical data is needed and how to evaluate the KPIs and how to use these results in critical decision-making process.


After completing the topic students will be able to:

  • choose reasonably the relevant KPIs for a specific project;
  • calculate relevant KPIs and make economic decisions based on them.


Basics of Logistics

Completing the TOPIC 6 - Delivery and distribution options (E-Business course, Logistics WP)

Completing the TOPIC 7 - Delivery terms, legal documents, data security (E-Business course, Logistics WP)

Learning instructions

This topic (TOPIC 8 - Analytics and KPI´s) uses a mix of text materials, videos, quizzes and practical assignments to help acquire knowledge of different subtopics. At first, read the theoretical materials and watch videos, then solve short self-tests and do compulsory interim tasks (teacher’s feedback needed). The topic ends with a final quiz.


1 Self-test

1 Self-Assignment

Final assignment (QUIZ) 100%

Course content

  • 1. KPIs in E-SCM

  • 2. KPIs for measuring shipping

  • 3. Rating service – quality management

  • 4. Software for measuring performance and how to use analytics to reduce cost


  • **Assignment (Group Work)

  • ***Final assignment: Final Quiz

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