Mikael Forsström

Senior lecturer in Digital marketing


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Welcome to Nobanet’s E-business course!

The course contains 10 topics, 1 ETCS each. You can choose to take any number of topics you like. Please note that topics 6, 7 and 8 are linked together so you need to take them by numerical order. For example if you choose to take topic number 7 you should first take number 6.

If you choose to take the whole course, you should take the topics by numerical order + a final assignment of making a webshop. This you can find in the left-hand navigation. In this you use all you have learned in the previous topics. If you choose to take the whole course and the final assignment you will get an additional 2 ECTS for your practical work in building the webshop and reflecting upon the research and design process.

The assignments of different topics will be peer-reviewed and you will receive a grade of "pass" or "no pass".

Should you choose to take the whole course, you can pick one of the three fictitious cases. The cases can be found here on the left. Two of the cases are consumer goods, Nammi and Lilja, and the third one is a tourism case. In all three cases the companies come from a foreign market, somewhere in the Nordic or Baltic countries, wishing to enter upon your home market. You can make assumptions based on your knowledge, experience and the information available by hand. Your task is to find out, how they can enter your market and design a webshop for the company of your choice.     

Course content

  • Syllabus

  • Topics descriptions

  • Case 1 - Nammi

  • Case 2 - Lilja

  • Case 3 - Wellness

  • Final Assignment

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