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Interreg South Baltic project - FOCUS - Facilitating blue growth with open courses by utilizing R&D products and virtual mobility

The overall idea of the project is to enable the exchange of knowledge and transfer of good practice from R&D sector to practitioners in marine biotechnology, coastal tourism sectors as well as to students searching for education in a given field. Lead partner Klaipeda University, Lithuania Project partners Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania Linnaeus University, Sweden University of Gdansk, Poland Roskilde Business College, Denmark

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    The course on Marine Natural Products enables the students to gain basic knowledge about the significance of marine environment as a source of organisms and biomolecules of high biotechnological and pharmaceutical potential. In an easy and illustrative manner, subsequent steps of the drug development process, from organism to product, will be presented. Students will learn about alternative methods which ensure the supply of sufficient amount of material for product commercialization. Then, a wide variety of biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications as value added products will be demonstrated. Students will gain knowledge about the size of MNPs global market and the trends in its development. They will also learn about the major drivers and bottlenecks determining the development of marine biotechnology sector.



By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Identify which group of marine organisms and which marine natural products represent the highest value in marine biotechnology.
  • Describe the possible ways of obtaining bioactive compounds for biotechnological and industrial applications.
  • Understand and describe all stages of the downstream processing and bioactivity guided fractionation.
  • Explain the advantage of marine natural products as potential drugs.
  • Define the key drivers in marine drug development.
  • Understand the potential of marine-derived compounds as value-added products.
  • Describe the most significant achievements and most important products of marine biotechnology sector.
  • Identify marine biotechnology as an area of professional career.
  • Gain knowledge about the most recent findings in marine biotechnology.



The course on Marine Natural Products (MNPs) is divided into two modules:


Module 1: From organism to product

1.1 Organisms collection and cultivation

1.2 Engineering microbial hosts for production of MNPs

1.3 Chemical synthesis of MNPs

1.4 Downstream processing


Module 2: Value-added products

2.1 Introduction

2.2 From MNP to drug

2.3 Approved marine drugs

2.4 Marine anticancer drugs

2.5 Marine antibacterial drugs

2.6 Marine enzymes and their applications

2.7 Marine-derived cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

2.8 Marine nutraceuticals and functional food


LEARNING MATERIALS: 12 obligatory lectures, 5 obligatory infographics, 10 suggested readings (10 scientific papers in open access journals), 2 suggested commercial videos

Requirements to pass this course: to get the certificate you should complete two quizzes and get at least 60% of the total score: Quiz 1 (Module 1, 6 questions) and Quiz 2 (Module 2, 6 questions).


            What is important, you can follow the course at your own pace with no strict time limits for listening to the lectures or taking the tests. You can watch each lecture and take the quizzes as many times you like. We recommend you to listen to the materials in the order as they are presented - every subsequent lecture is somehow based on the previous one. When you complete  the course with positive test results, you will receive a certificate.

           If you have any substantive questions, don't hesitate to contact us – Hanna Mazur-Marzec or Anna Toruńska-Sitarz. Our contact data are provided at the top of this page. Regarding technical issues you can also write an email to the following address: 


Welcome to the course, and good luck!


Hanna Mazur Marzec and Anna Toruńska-Sitarz


Quick Start-up Guide


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Course content


  • Topic 1.1 Organisms collection and cultivation

  • Topic 1.2 Engineering microbial hosts for production of MNPs

  • Topic 1.3 Chemical synthesis of MNPs

  • Topic 1.4 Downstream processing

  • Summary

  • Quiz 1: From organism to product


  • Topic 2.1 Introduction

  • Topic 2.2 From marine natural product to drug

  • Topic 2.3 Approved marine drugs

  • Topic 2.4 Marine anticancer drugs

  • Topic 2.5 Marine antimicrobial drugs

  • Topic 2.6 Marine enzymes

  • Topic 2.7 Marine cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

  • Topic 2.8 Marine nutraceuticals and functional food

  • Summary

  • Quiz 2: Value added products


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