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Kate Cash
An excellent explanation of impact for those starting out in research and research support.
Daniela Tiboaca


Since 2007, impact has been key to how the Government considers the importance of research

UK research has always been able to demonstrate a strong return on investment but it's not always clear what the actual benefits from research have been and might be in the future.

This module aims to provide you with a basic understanding of impact. It will help you not only understand how to achieve impact from your research most effectively, but also how to communicate your impact convincingly.

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Course content


  • Content

  • Introduction

  • What makes research impactful? Fact number 1

  • What make research impactful? Fact number 2

  • What makes research impactful? Fact number 3

  • Output vs. impact

  • Impact or no impact?

  • Output, pathway or impact?

  • Output, pathway or impact - the answers

  • Perspectives on impact from our Academics

  • A few case examples

  • Time to check your learning


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