Teaching Behaviour Change Skills to Undergraduate Medical Students (Grey & Al Saihati, 2013) (1 BACB CEU - Ethics)

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Gillian Martin

Soiléir's aim is to help you focus on working with people in a supportive way to overcome difficulties and promote well-being using evidenced based, psychological concepts. Services include face to face and online learning opportunities; and supervision for Board Certified Behaviour Analysts.


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Teaching Behaviour Change Skills to Undergraduate Medical Students

(Grey & Al Saihati, 2013)


Part of Soiléir's  Ethics Series

Behavior Analyst Certification Board Type 2 CE (1 CEU - Ethics)


 Course Summary 

This Paper Review focuses on the paper published 2013 Teaching Behaviour Change Skills to Undergraduate Medical Students by Ian Grey and Bayan Al Saihati. It was originally published in the Journal of Contemporary Medical  Education; Vol. 1(4): Pp 231-237.

This paper relates to several of the BACB Professional and Ethical Codes including 8.0 (Public Statements - which includes lectures) and 6.02 (Disseminating Behaviour Analysis).

Simply read the paper by clicking on the 'download the article link' and answer the quiz that follows correctly. When you have answered all questions correctly and achieved 100%, press the 'submit' button. Your certificate will then be e-mailed to you.

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Participants who successfully complete the quiz will be awarded one Type 2 CEU that can be used as part of the requirements for the BACB certification cycle. In addition to counting as standard CEU, this CEU hour can also be used as an ethics CEU which can be noted when entering it on the BACB Gateway.


  Article Abstract  

This study investigates the effects of a three-week student project where students selected a health behaviour and implemented a self-management program to increase or decrease that behavior. Behaviours were (1) smoking reduction, (2) caffeine reduction, (3) reduction in consumption of saturated fats, (4) increasing physical activity and (5) increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables. 121 first year medical students conducted a seven day baseline assessment of the selected behavior. Students implemented a behavior change program over fourteen consecutive days based upon 2 hours of lecture material covering principles of operant learning, the Health Belief Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior. Students also completed pre and post questionnaires on identifying barriers to change and experiences of the project. Results indicated substantial changes in targeted behaviours. The most frequently used interventions were positive reinforcement (64%), goal setting (63%) and activity scheduling (47%). Students indicated positive attitudes to the project. Providing students with experience of application of behavior change principles on themselves offers one route to the establishing behaviour change as a clinical competency. However, disparities and lack of focus in existing social and behavioural science curricula may mitigate against the prioritization of this skill being established. 


  Article Access  

The article can be downloaded from the public website Trinity's Access to Research Archive (TARA) using the following link:




  About the Course Instructor  

Gillian Martin is a Chartered Psychologist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with over 20 years of experience supporting people using behaviour science in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA.  As well as clinical work, she have always had a strong interest in staff well-being, training, development and supporting teams to think through new concepts and find solutions.The values that drive her work include respect, curiosity, equality and integrity.



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