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In this course we will briefly overview the creation of soap, and learn step-by-step the process of producing what is commonly referred to as "cold process soap".  Materials you will need to follow along are as follows:

Personal Protective Equipment - Goggles and chemical-safe gloves, apron is recommended

Digital kitchen scale

Electric hand mixer

Dedicated mixing bowls and large pyrex measuring cup - These will be used ONLY for soap

Silicone or parchment lined wood mold

Soap cutters or a dedicated knife

Towels for covering soap while it cures for the first 24-36 hours

Dedicated plastic spoon or spatula

Accurate meat or candy thermometer



Olive oil

Coconut oil

Castor oil

Lye (NaOH)



Essential oils for fragrance

Soap dye powder (pigmentation)

Course content

  • A Brief History of Soap...

  • Step 1. Gathering Materials

  • Step 2. Calculate Your Recipe

  • Step 3. Molds!

  • Step 4. Measure Twice, Pour Once!

  • Step 5. SCIENCE!!!! The joy of exothermic reactions....

  • Step 6. Mix it Up!

  • Step 7. Into The Mold!

  • The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

  • Final Exam!!!

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