Dr. Reni Francis


Dr. Reni Francis is currently the Assistant Professor at Pillai College of Education and Research, Mumbai.


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The modules in the course helps to understand the skills of teaching - Micro teaching. The students will comprehend the importance of the teaching process in the classroom. Micro teaching helps the student - teachers to acquire the teaching skills and improve the skills of experienced teachers.

This course will take you through five skills of teaching - Micro teaching.  A teaching skill is that behaviour of the teacher which facilitates pupils’ learning directly or indirectly. It includes all arts and behaviour of the teacher which maximizes pupils’ learning. It makes communication between the teacher and pupils sufficiently.

This course will be beneficial to student- teachers pursuing their B.Ed programme, India. This course covers the Five skills of Micro teaching - Skill of Set Induction, Skill of Questioning, Skill of Illustration, Skill of Explanation and Blackboard.


General Instructions:  Topics included in this course are on the left hand panel. You can complete the course as per your schedule. You are free to do any topic first. Sequencing is not necessary as all topics are independent.

Each topic is to be understood through self-learning by examining the PowerPoint presentations provided. To open the presentation  kindly right click on the hyperlink provided and open the link in a new window, so that one window allows you to access the link and the other window keeps you on the course.

Complete the tasks mentioned at the end of each topic. 

All discussions on the forum should only pertain to the topic. Be sensitive to other's views and discussion points. 

When you complete all the learning activities please spare you valuable time to respond to the Review section.


About the Instructor

Dr. Reni Francis is currently the Assistant Professor at Pillai College of Education and Research, Mumbai. She has a varied experience of more than 16 years in facilitating learning with school students, teachers and teacher educators in India and Kuwait. She was previously working with Jabriya Indian School, Kuwait. She has been awarded the Doctoral degree in Arts –  Education.   Dr. Reni Francis has authored 2 Teacher Handbooks known as “Blooming with Multiple Intelligences” and “Constructing Creative Minds” and a series of Teacher resources for Chetana Publication - Nine Hats, for the subject English, Grade 1 to 8. She has recently authored the book Redesigning Learning Horizons through Multiple Intelligence Approach, Lambert Academic Publishing, UK.     Dr. Reni Francis is the Editor of an International Journal of Education TRANSACADEMIA – ISSN: 2319-3492 and is on the Editorial board for other research journal.

Course content

  • Introduction to Micro teaching

  • Steps of Micro teaching

  • Micro teaching cycle

  • Phases of Micro teaching

  • Skill of Set Induction

  • Skill of Questioning

  • Skill of Illustration

  • Skill of Explanation and Skill of Blackboard Writing

  • Merits and Limitations of Micro teaching

  • Summary

  • Review

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