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For thousands of years, humans have tried to determine ways to combat illness, promote wellness, control symptoms and complaints, and improve quality of life.  To that end, we have learned how to utilize the available resources in the world around us.  In recent years, especially, there has been a resurgence in the interest of herbal medicines.  Whether used as a complementary addition to traditional Western medicine, as a means for moving away from dependency on the pharmaceutical system, or as an encouraging factor of self-reliance.  This is not to say, in any way, that herbal medicine is a replacement for medical services.  The advent of vaccines, antibiotics, and many Western medicines and technologies absolutely have their place, and when needed should be utilized; but I am not here for a theological treatise and neither are you!  Welcome to the exciting world of herbal medicine!

Course content

  • Preparations and Supply List

  • Exercise 1 - Infusions

  • Exercise 2 - Valerian Decoction

  • Exercise 3 - A custom tincture!

  • Exercise 4 - Infused Oil

  • Exercise 5 - Cream / Ointment

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