British Literature and Writing 7th - 12th grade


Amanda Sillin

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Hunter Fraunfelter
Brody Schumacher


 British Literature and Writing  –Amanda Sillin 

This literature class is designed for students in 7th –12th grades and incorporates Classical Literature.  Grading is done based on your student’s ability, this class is graded and can be counted for high school credits.

Lessons begin with activities to teach a stylistic technique and IEW writing structure and will continue by exploring literary style and cultivating deeper understanding of themes. Students will read 6 novels or novellas during the year and complete writing assignments for each book. Each book is a 4 week study which includes study about the author, literary period, and historical significance, as well as a thorough survey in analytical, persuasive, comparative, creative and technical essay writing.  This class is recommended to be taken for multiple years as students work to improve writing skill and style and literature assignments change year to year.  This class is graded and uses online classroom in Eliademy.  If students complete all assignments, this course is worth 1 credit for Literature and 1 credit for English.  

Cost: $17.00

No Supply Fee - however -
Each student MUST HAVE a copy of the IEW resource notebook and each of the following books - Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson; Animal Farm, George Orwell; Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte; (short poetry unit - Canterbury Tales, Chaucer  -book provided); The Once and Future King, T.H. White; The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde; Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw.

Course content

  • Resources for Writing

  • IEW - Student Resource Notebook -

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