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Mar Cabeza


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The aim of this intensive exchange course is training students in conservation science. The course largely focuses on field-work but it also includes lectures, computer exercises, article discussions, data-analysis and student seminars, with an important component of e-learning and self-learning before leaving to the field. The lectures will deal with patterns and causes of biodiversity loss, with emphasis on habitat loss and metapopulation theory. Following these background lectures we will concentrate on conservation planning approaches, and the interaction between conservation needs and the needs of peoples living in and around protected areas. The field work is planned so that students can relate results to the theory learned. Field projects will assess patterns and impacts of habitat loss with various taxa. They will also address the social context in which conservation needs arise. Several activities during the course are directed to understanding the social drivers of forest loss, local use of resources and the interaction that local villages have with the National Parks.


The course includes 3 Modules:

Module 1: Online course on Fundamentals of Conservation Biology

Module 2: Madagascar Basics

Module 3: Field work in Madagascar - program and logistics info can be found under this module -

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