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Course Requirements and Grading

Credit Breakdown:

Writing assignments (creative & critical as assigned): 50%

Final Portfolio (+ 3 written critiques as assigned): 20%

Active constructive contribution to in-class discussions: 20%

Class participation and attendance: 10%

Scale: 100-93 A 76-73 C

92-90 A- 72-70 C-

89-87 B+ 69-67 D+

86-83 B 66-60 D

82-80 B- 59-0 F

79-77 C+

NOTE: So that everyone can write as freely as possible, grades are based on your maintaining an active creative writing process as above defined. Doing the full gamut of required activities (your own writing, plus in-class discussions) responsibly& punctually is what earns an “A”. Late work loses half a letter grade per class-day late

Attendance and Class Participation

Please note that a significant percentage of the grade depends on class participation. The attendance and participation grading policy for this course follows the guidelines The first unexcused absence is penalized by deducting 1.5% from the student’s final course mark. After that, each unexcused absence is penalized by deducting 3% from the student’s final course mark. So if you know your not going to be at school please tell me with in a 24 hr notice and call in so it not unexcused and I don’t take points away   .unless in the semester for health reasons (with a doctor’s certification) or other documented Students who have perfect attendance (100%) during the semester and have fulfilled all course requirements will get extra points equivalent to 2% of the final grade.”

Double-spaced text is easier for others to write comments on.

• Title your work. Take the titling of a piece as a part of the creative process

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