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Owen Kelly thinks, writes, lectures and makes digital things; but not necessarily in that order. He is the author of Community, Art and the State; Digital Creativity; The Creative Bits (with Eva Wojdat), and Another Standard (with John Lock and Karen Merkel). His doctoral thesis Ambient Learning and Self Authorship was published in August 2015. You can find out more at


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Welcome to Topic 9 - Test and evaluation

In this module you will study a range of material drawn from a wide variety of sources, including the beta version of the Nobanet Usability Guide. You will study this material and then use it to create your own personalised evaluation checklist. You will then verify this by using it to test a website and evaluate how well it serves its intended target audiences.

You will assess the given website from the perspective of an expert user. In doing this you will have to consider accessibility, branding, colour, design, and their applicability to the site’s intended target group.

You will begin this topic by watching the video and studying the theoretical papers that explain the background to our approach. You will then need to familiarize yourself with the selected checklists and parts of the beta version of the Nobanet Usability Guide. Once you have done this you will spend most of your time following a series of exercises in which you will devise your own personalised checklist and practise applying these guidelines to sites on the web.

To complete this topic you will need a set of current web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Optionally you may also use Microsoft Edge. You will need to be able to use these on a desktop or laptop computer, an Android tablet and phone, and an iPad and iPhone.

You will also need a basic knowledge of web design, in order to understand the different ways in which a web page can be constructed, and the choices that the designers of the sites under consideration have made.

You will be assessed through a single assignment in which you will put what you have learned to use. In this assignment you will create an evaluation report on your personalised guidelines, explaining how you created and tested them, and your observations of the experience.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Understand the purposes of testing and evaluating websites;
  • Describe the methods by which a website can be tested and evaluated;
  • Identify the different contexts that apply to websites, culturally, economically and  technically;
  • Analyse the different requirements of different target groups;
  • Carry out a range of tests using a suitable variety of hardware and software;
  • Create a reasoned evaluation report for a website.


This module is self-paced. You may take as long as you need to absorb the information, practice the assignments, and complete your reports.

Course content

  • Instructors

  • Theoretical Considerations

  • Theory: Colour Theory

  • Theory: Accessibility

  • Theory: Consistency

  • CRAP

  • Nobanet Usability Guide

  • A look at the websites you will test

  • Main Assignment

  • References & Literature

  • Survey

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