Topic 3: Layout, usability and user experience


Rolando Gonzalez


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Welcome to Topic 3 - Layout, usability and user experience



Rolando and Siri

Short description:

Learning objectives:

Through this course, you will be able to get an understanding of the concepts of, and skills involved in planning and evaluating a web solution.

Learning outcomes:


After completing the course you will:


  • understand what is Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • understand what is Usability
  • understand what is Universal Design
  • understand the challenges the field of Usability, HCI and Universal Design is trying to solve
  • knowledge on how humans read on the web


  • in evaluating texts for the web
  • techniques to write short texts on the web
  • in making use of automated online web tests on usability
  • create low level prototypes

General competence

  • be able to draw from a set of guidelines to contribute to the usability and interaction design of a web site in the planning, development and testing. And doing so in a structured way.




Learning instructions

The course includes both theoretical topics which requires reading and reflection and practical topics which will have you make use of software to amongst other test usability and HCI. Make sure that you reflect on the theory you have learned when doing the practical works and how the information .


3 hours exam?
Home exam?


Balsamiq (prototyping software), online software for testing contrast


Several. Referred from each sub topic.




Course content

  • Introduction

  • Web and user behaviour

  • WCAG and Universal Design

  • Design principles

  • Architecture and navigation

  • Planning and evaluation

  • Assignment

  • Survey

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