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Dr. Williams is President of Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute Higher Learning. Dr. Williams is bi-vocational, earning degrees from Bachelor to Doctorate in the secular and religious field. Educational Customer Delight Menaa Award Winner and School Menaa Award Institution, Dubai 2016.


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INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT (PART II) This lesson module covers the following topics: (1) ISRAEL IN BONDAGE When Moses was born the Israelites were slaves of the Egyptians. God told Moses that he was to lead the people out of the land of Egypt to a land that He (God) had promised to Abraham’s descendants. Moses tried to persuade Pharaoh to let the people go but he would not. God sent the ten plagues and finally Pharaoh told Moses and his people to begin the Exodus in Egypt. (2) EXODUS FROM EGYPT As the people (approximately 2,000,000 in number) journeyed southeastward they came to Mt. Sinai. It was at this place that we have the record of the Ten Commandments Given. (3) TEN COMMANDMENTS GIVEN Journeying from Mt. Sinai the people traveled northward towards the promised land - Canaan. Coming to the southernmost part of the land, spies were sent to see how the land could be taken. Of the twelve sent, only two came back with a favorable report. Ten said the land could not be taken. In saying this the ten were demonstrating their lack of faith in God and His ability to fight their battles for them. Because of this, God sent the Israelites into the wilderness to wander for a space of about forty years.

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