Debi Barr

Reiki Master Teacher, Professional Tarot Reader & Certified Crystal Healer

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, professional Tarot Reader and Teacher and Certified Crystal Healer. I specialise in Reiki Training, Tarot Teaching, Crystal Healing, Meditation and Stress Management. I am also an intuitive life coach, reflexologist, artist and mother. I run my own holistic business called Rocks n Rituals and my mission is to help people rediscover their inner light through Reiki and meditation. I have turned my own life around by incorporating a daily Reiki and meditative practice into my life and I want to empower other people to do the same. For more information about me and the services I provide please visit my website.


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Introduction to Meditation is an entirely self-paced course covering 6 main topics. The course will introduce you to the world of meditation and will show you many different ways to incorporate meditation into your life.

You will learn about the importance of focusing on your breathing in order to calm your mind. You will learn how to use mantras as an aide to meditation and concentration. You will explore the concept of using meditation as a healing tool, as well as learning about chakras and balancing them with a meditation. The final 2 topics cover Labyrinth Meditation and meditating on Tarot or other Oracle cards.

The course is made up of theory in the form of slide shows and pdf documents. There are exercises for you to try and there are also guided meditations available for you to download and listen to.

This course is much more than just reading - you must actively practice the techniques and listen to the audio in order to benefit from the course. By the time you reach the end of the course you will have found a new respect and understanding for meditation and will, hopefully, have found the best way to incorporate it into your life.

I recommend that you take a week per lesson. Allow yourself an hour to cover the material and then take 7 days to practice, practice and practice before moving on to the next topic. It would also be beneficial to use a diary or meditation notebook to journal your progress and results.


Course content

  • Introduction to Meditation, Concepts and Practice

  • Mantra Meditation

  • Using Meditation as a Healing Tool

  • Understanding chakras & balancing them with Meditation

  • Labyrinth Meditations

  • Meditating with the Tarot & Oracle Cards

  • Conclusion & Summary

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