{my} Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships Small Employer Gap Audit


Ray Hopkins

Health, Safety, Environment Professional NCSO, QSR,


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Overview The {my} HSE mobile SECOR Gap Audit provides an opportunity for small employers to measure their health and safety management system against a provincial standard, and if successful, make application to achieve a Certificate of Recognition (COR).


The program is specifically designed to meet the application and training needs of small employers, while considering their resource limitations. 



Course content

  • What is a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition?

  • {my} Asterisk {*}

  • Am I a “Small Employer?”

  • Intstructions

  • Tips for Certified External Auditors

  • The "List"

  • AASP Employer & Audit Information Summary

  • Organizational Chart & Personnel Information

  • Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment

  • {*}Environmental Sustainability

  • Hazard Identification and Assessment

  • {*}Physical Demands Analysis

  • {*}Legislation, Severity, Probability & Risk

  • Incident Investigation

  • {*}"Serious Accident"

  • {*}"Manufacturer's Specifications & Specifications"

  • Hazard Control

  • Ongoing Inspections

  • Qualifications, Orientations and Training

  • Program Administration

  • Code of Ethics

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