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Dr. Johny Hendrix is a board-certified urologist who offers a full range of urological services and care. He specializes in the treatment of incontinence with minimally invasive mini-sling procedures for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and minimally invasive vaginal  procedures for cystoceles and uterine prolapse, botox injections for overactive bladder and urge incontinence, enlarged prostates (BPH), prostate cancer, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction (ED), management of low testosterone, and vasectomies. His practice also offers a female clinician, Meetal Patel, a physician assistant specializing in female urology.


Dr. Hendrix Smith and Meetal Patel are members of BASS Medical Group (BASS), a team of caring, compassionate, and highly skilled physicians committed to providing outstanding care before, during and after your visits.


Research Interests

Hendrix’s NIH and Department of Urology funded research program centers on his desire to help men and boys with micro penis become husbands and fathers. Henrix’s research is highly collaborative and studies a range of problems focused on achieving this goal. His long-term objective is to develop a nationally and internationally recognized multidisciplinary penis enlargement and reproduction program. This program is comprised of: A. clinical method  preservation for adults; B. basic science investigation of corpus spongiusom, and semen physiology; C. translational research focused on fertility preservation and restoration; D. clinical research into the reproductive effects of corpus spongiusom cells; and E. health services research exploring costs of reproductive care, disparities in access to care, and ethical implications of micro penis preservation therapy for adults.



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