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Sharing information among Belarusian students and education professionals on educational opportunities available in the U.S. and beyond.

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Lera Simashkevich
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Welcome to the virtual advising course for undergraduate students created by EducationUSA Belarus!

The course focuses on providing interested students with an information about undergraduate education options in the U.S. The course provides a general overview of undergraduate study opportunities in the U.S., available degrees and specializations, differences between them and specifics of the application process.

The course may be useful for Belarusian and international 9-11 grades high school students who would like to apply to U.S. universities in autumn 2018 or later (starting education in autumn 2019 or later).

Participation is free of charge.  

Language of instruction: English and Russian. Webinars will be partly conducted in Russian language.

Timeline of the course: the course is accessible during 4 weeks (August 21 to September 18, 2018), consists out of 5 topics and includes 2 webinars, 5 tests, a couple of additional assignments and a final test-exam. 

Expected workload: 1-3 hours per week.

Upon completion students will be able to join Competitive College Club program and have an opportunity to later apply for the Opportunity Program funds

Topics overview:

  1. U.S. System of Education
  2. Types of Undergraduate Degrees
  3. University Search Basics
  4. Admission Process 101
  5. Financial Aid Planning

Course participants are expected to:

  • Read and self-study materials provided
  • Participate in webinars
  • Regularly check, its content and announced tasks
  • Complete required tasks before deadlines indicated
  • Take part in discussions
  • Take initiative in asking questions and working on an individual admissions plan
  • Use English as a working language of the course
  • Respect each other opinion
  • Be active

Overview of the sections:

  • Content: study modules and session content; modules reflect the content of the webinar sessions, provide additional information and files for download
  • Webinars: online seminars, will be scheduled and conducted in this section
  • Tasks: tasks scheduled, announced here; participants need to submit responses either in the task window or by attaching a file with the response
  • Discussions: open for all participants to discuss content of the course and study sections, as well as ask general questions and share useful information and resources
  • Participants: list of the course participants


Course content

  • 1: U.S. System of Education

  • 2: Types of Undergraduate Degrees

  • 3. University Search Basics

  • 4: Admissions Process 101

  • 5: Financial Aid Planning

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