Expanding the Consumer Base for Behavior-Analytic Services (LeBlanc et al, 2012) (1 BACB CEU - Ethics)

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Gillian Martin

Soiléir's aim is to help you focus on working with people in a supportive way to overcome difficulties and promote well-being using evidenced based, psychological concepts. Services include face to face and online learning opportunities; and supervision for Board Certified Behaviour Analysts.


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Expanding the Consumer Base for Behavior-Analytic Services: Meeting the Needs of Consumers in the 21st Century

(LeBlanc et al, 2012)


Part of Soiléir's Ethics Series

Behavior Analyst Certification Board Type 2 CE (1 CEU - Ethics)


This article reviews Linda A LeBlanc, Megan R Heinicke, and Jonathan C Baker's 2012 paper 'Expanding the Consumer Base for Behavior-Analytic Services: Meeting the Needs of Consumers in the 21st Century'. It was first published in Behavior Analysis in Practice Vol. 5 (1) pp. 45-51.

This paper in particular has relevance to  the standards in the BACB Professional & Ethical Compliance Code, particularly Standard  including Standard 1.02 (Boundaries of Competence) and 1.03 (Maintaining Maintaining Competence through Professional Development).

Simply read the paper and answer the quiz that follows correctly. When you have answered all questions correctly and achieved 100%, press the 'submit' button. Your certificate will then be e-mailed to you.

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Participants who successfully complete the quiz will be awarded one Type 2 CEU that can be used as part of the requirements for the BACB certification cycle. In addition to counting as standard CEU, this CEU hour can also be used as an ethics CEU which can be noted when entering it on the BACB Gateway.


 Article Abstract 

A growing workforce of behavior analysts provides services to individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities as legislative initiatives have spurred a growth of funding options to support these services. Though many opportunities currently exist for serving individuals with autism, the growing demand for these services may wane or, at some point, the growth in service providers will meet that demand. Other consumer groups could benefit from behavior analytic services, but typically have limited access to qualified providers. Individuals with dementia and traumatic brain injury are used as example consumer groups to illustrate the necessary tasks for a behavior analyst to expand their scope of practice to a new population. This paper provides strategies for developing competence and creating employment opportunities with new consumer groups.


  Access Article  

The paper is accessible through PubMed Central (PMC), which is a free archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) provided there courtesy of Association for Behavior Analysis International. Please see the link below.




  About the Course Instructor  


Gillian Martin is a Chartered Psychologist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with over 20 years of experience supporting people using behaviour science in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA.  As well as clinical work, she have always had a strong interest in staff well-being, training, development and supporting teams to think through new concepts and find solutions.The values that drive her work include respect, curiosity, equality and integrity.




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