BAHEC Screening & Management of Prediabetes & Hypertension Tutorial


Michelle Clark

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Baltimore AHEC


Hypertension and prediabetes are common and serious conditions.  Screening and early detection of patients with these conditions, before more serious health problems occur, offers key benefits including improved population health and reduced treatment costs. 

Successful completion of this tutorial will help you to appropriately diagnose patients with prediabetes and hypertension, and to develop an effective plan of care for patients with these conditions. This tutorial is comprised of pre-tests, training videos, and post-tests that address screening and treatment of each condition. You should be able to complete this self-paced training in about an hour or less.

To begin, select the User profile information tab to enter important demographic data. Then, navigate through the training activities using the sidebar menu under the Content tab.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important learning experience.

Course content

  • User profile information

  • Pre-Test: Prediabetes Screening and Management

  • Prediabetes Screening and Management Video

  • Post-Test: Prediabetes Screening and Management

  • Pre-Test: Hypertension Screening and Management

  • Hypertension Screening and Management Video

  • Post-Test: Hypertension Screening and Management

  • Parting Message

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