How to Do Pestle Analysis for TESCO in Your Strategic Management Assignment?


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Are you worried about choosing a topic for your strategic management assignment. Don’t worry; the strategic management assignment help experts have brought an interesting topic, which is Pestle Analysis.

It is one of the famous models of strategic management for a business organization. Basically pestle is a framework or most probably a tool that can be used to analyze the role of macro-environmental factors on an organization’s performance. If you want more interesting topics, you can avail assignment topics for strategic management services online.

Now, what is pestle analysis and how to perform it?

The each letter (P.E.S.T.L.E) in pestle analysis stand for a particular factor that can affect an organization’s performance. P for political, E for Economical, S for Social, T for Technological, L for Legal, and E for Environmental. During PESTLE analysis, one basically looks into the above mentioned 6 factors and prepare a report on how they influence an organization’s performance.

Pestle analysis for TESCO:

TESCO is a renowned British multinational groceries and general merchandise. It is the third largest retailer by gross revenues in the world. Now, this is how the pestle analysis can be performed on TESCO.

1. Political Factors:

TESCO is a multinational merchandise that is operating in 12 countries, affected by 12 different political factors. These factors include tax rates, impending legislation, political instability, unemployment rate, and many more.

2. Economical Factors:

Market, share, prices, profits, employment, wage, demand, labor cost, and other such things come under economic factors. The economic condition of a particular country also impacts the performance of TESCO in that particular country.

3. Social Factors:

Customers beliefs, interests, preferences and choices are kept in focus. With rapid development in progress, the shopping habits of people are also changing. To keep up with their demands, TESCO is focusing on their needs.

Recently people have opted healthier foods and one-stop shops to save time for travelling places for shopping different categories. This is the reason TESCO has introduced more organic foods and non-food counters recently.

4. Technological Factors:

Technical factors in a country have an important role in an organization’s behavior in that particular country. Self-service checkout points, online transaction facilities, parking lot availability display, etc. are some examples to consider as the factors that affect TESCO.

5. Environmental Factors:

Consider an example, if a country bans plastic bags due to environmental conditions of that place, and TESCO has been delivering their services in plastic goody bags, then what will happen? In such case, if TESCO is adaptable to switch to jute instead of plastic, then this issue can be resolved.

The climatic conditions, fuel consumption, resource availability, and others are considered as environmental factors.

6. Legal Factors:

Legislative factors also affect TESCO. Different policies of different countries are imposed on it. It should go through multiple checks, such as quality check, food composition check, chemicals used, labor, employment, machinery, methods practiced, and many more.

This was the PESTLE analysis of TESCO. Its performance is analyzed and affected by all these 6 factors. Now, you can use this as a reference for pestle analysis for your strategic management assignment. If you need someone to help you with the task, then you can go for online services and learn how to write a strategic management assignment.


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This article brings Pestle analysis for TESCO that a student can present in strategic management.

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