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Sheeba Ajmal

I have served for almost 12 Years in very prestigious institute in our country that is Beaconhouse School System for 12 years, had resigned in Sep 2016. Since then I have been working on an initiative titled “Technology For A Cause – Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids” taken voluntarily to equip underprivileged kids with numerous skills including numeracy, literacy, IT etc. Currently this has expanded to kids in 2 schools respectively SOS Children Village Peshawar and Ran’aa Child Welfare Foundation in Peshawar, Pakistan. I have recently completed my Google Certification, and am Google Certified Educator level 1 and level 2. I love exploring new tools, looking for innovative ways to use education technology for teaching and learning, taking new initiative to empower kids and teachers using technology. My blog reflects my sheer passion to work with education technology. Blog link: https://ictinlt.blogspot.com


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Teaching and Learning with Google is my first attempt to transform teaching and learning taking place in classrooms using the various education technology tools G-SUITE has to offer.  Its an attempt to empower both learners and teachers in classrooms and schools, equip them with varied, diverse and differentiated strategies to engage learners in their classrooms using Google Classroom. Future courses will have details about other google tools that include Google Keep, Google Drawings, Google Hangouts etc

Why the need for this course? Just think for a moment, the number of things that have changed in all these years from the mobile phone in your hand to the laptop, computer, or the cars you drive, everything has gone through tremendous transformation except classrooms why?

Not every child in the classroom is the same, each child is born with a unique potential, has a different set of skills that need to be polished. Howard Gardner had shared about 8 different set of intelligences that include Logical mathematical , Verbal linguistics, Interpersonal, body Kinesthetic,   Music intelligence, Visual spatial, Intra-personal, and Naturalistic intelligence which is a perfect explanantion why some us become the best Chefs, Doctors, Engineers, Artists, Muscians, Sportsman, Business man etc what we need to understand is that we cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree! Details with examples in the video below:



Please ask yourself these questions and think for minute? how can a teacher who has 25 + multi talented kids in a classroom use the same bar to assess their learning? how can a teacher design differentiated content for all these learners with differentiated needs? how can she facilitate each one of them? how can she flip her classroom to support those in need in the classroom? what resources would assist her in designing differentiated tasks? are teachers trained to use these resources? does the school have access to these resources?

I found the message about the need to bring about a change in schools in the video below so appropriate and in context, this actually helped set the stage for this course. With the Google SUITE for education the classrooms of today will definitely change for better, will surely bring in interactivity, diversity, engagement in classrooms.



Course Content

The course will provide participants an opportunity to map Google Apps with the SAMR model. Get a dive into Google Classroom, explore the various features it offers, compare it with a traditional classroom, learn how to flip classroom to support learners in need, create or join an existing classroom, share and asses different types of assignments, learn to integrate their classroom with outside resources including the Khans Academy, mathgames, FlipGrid, Abcya etc .

Course Objectives

  • Explore the GSUITE for Education
  • Map Google tools for education against the SAMR Model
  • Join an existing google classroom, skim and identify the different features
  • Compare and contrast a traditional classroom with an online classroom, list advantages
  • Create own classroom and enroll students, create assignments, assign to students, give feedback grade or mark and return assessments.
  • Integrate Google Classroom with outside resources including Flipgrid, Khans Academy etc

Course Assessment

Participants will be required to complete a set of tasks to check their understanding of the content. These tasks will be short quiz and simple tasks in Google docs or drawings.

Course Certificate

Once participants have completed all tasks they will be issued a certificate of completion which they can download or share on their profile or social networks.

So whats the wait for, dive in and flip your classrooms with Google Classroom :)

Course content

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