Procurement systems - New Directives, e-procurement, European legislation


IPPON project

IPPON, through its geographical extension involving Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Bulgaria and Chambers of Commerce, training centers and also territorial institution, aims to increase the participation of SMEs in cross-border procurements.

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This module will support SMEs staff in identifying and analyzing the public procurement strategies at national and European level, as well as the legal rules and the reference implementation, so to be able to comprehend the public procurement process with reference to legal aspects.



  • Public procurement strategies at national and European level.
  • Legal rules and the reference implementation at national and European level.
  • E-procurement - information about e-procurement strategy at national and European level and links to main electronic tools.
  • International public procurement - GPA and free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, the International Procurement Instrument, and cooperation with enlargement and neighborhood countries.



12 hours - individual study


Didactical materials

Learning module 01 - Procurement systems in Europe
Learning module 01a - Procurement systems in Slovenia
Learning module 01b - Procurement systems in Portugal
Learning module 01c - Procurement systems in Italy
Learning module 01d - Procurement systems in France
Learning module 01e - Procurement systems in Bulgaria
Learning module 01f - Procurement systems in Spain
Learning module 01g - Procurement systems in Greece

With reference to learning modules from O1a to O1g, participants have to choose only the one related to their country.

Course content

  • Learning module 01 - Procurement systems in Europe

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