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Yale Model United Nations XLV

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Welcome to the Yale Model United Nations XLV Delegate Training Program!

This online program will feature videos, presentations, and short assignments that will review delegate preparation for our conference and practice the necessary skills for success. All delegates are highly encouraged to participate, though they are by no means required to complete all the assignments (with the exception of the position paper). However, by completing all the assignments, delegates will find themselves fully prepared to enjoy and experience our conference!

This year we have four units: Introduction, Preparing for YMUN, How to Be a Good Delegate, and Conclusion. Each unit has a few lessons in it.


Here are this year's lessons: 

Unit I: Introduction

1.1 Welcome to YMUN 

1.2 History of the UN 

1.3 What is Model United Nations? 


Unit 2: Preparing for YMUN

2.1 Writing a Position Paper

2.2 Essay Contest and Social Impact Challenge 

2.3: Scholarship Programs 


Unit 3: How to Be a Good Delegate

3.1 Parliamentary Procedure and Public Speaking 

3.2: Mock Moderated Caucus 

3.3: Writing Working Papers and Resolutions 

3.4: Crisis Committees


Unit 4: Conclusion 

4.1 Making the Most of YMUN

​4.2 Conclusion 

If you have any questions regarding the material covered in the Delegate Training Platform, please feel free to reach out to the Director-General of Committees at dg.committees@ymun.org.

To access the course and materials, please click "Enrol For Free" and check out the side-bar on the left to get started with Lesson 1: Welcome to YMUN!

Course content

  • 1.1 Welcome to YMUN XLV

  • 1.2 History of the United Nations

  • 1.3 What is Model United Nations?

  • 2.1 Writing a Position Paper

  • 2.2 Essay Contest and Social Impact Challenge

  • 2.3 Scholarship Programs

  • 3.1 Parliamentary Procedure and Public Speaking

  • 3.2 Mock Moderated Caucus

  • 3.3 Writing Working Papers and Resolutions

  • 3.4 Crisis Committees

  • 4.1 Making the Most Out of YMUN

  • 4.2 Conclusion

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