Finnish Education 2.0 - AI, Flipped and Gamified Maths


Pirjo Suhonen


Loves technology, but loves learning and teaching more. Fascinated by EdTech, experimenting and innovations, which support global collaboration and learning. Fresh Master’s thesis on educational technology 2016. I have worked in education and care in Finland, UK, France and Belgium. Publications: Helsingin Yliopisto/Cicero Learning


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ALO Finland Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) introduces Innovative Pedagogy and EdTech in Finland - Smart Tech in Smart Use. The emphasis is on the practical approach and solutions that can be repeated, benchmarked and further developed worldwide. Teachers can learn from the best practices in Finnish schools via videos, text and photos.

The digital teacher training course provides an insight into Finnish schools and offers an opportunity to visit primary schools in Finland online. 

Finnish Education 2.0 brings great academic results, whilst cultivating curiosity, creativity and future innovators. End result of an excellent education is academically strong, happy and healthy children, who become well informed and more sustainable global citizens than previous generations.



Finnish students score well in international tests such as Timms, Pirls and PISA. The differences between the weakest and strongest students are the smallest in the world, according to the recent survey by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). There are no school inspectors or standardized testing in Finland, apart from A-levels in high-school. And yet, the differences between schools are very small and a Finnish child is getting the same quality education in different schools.



Finnish teachers hold a Master's degree and are trained to continuously develop their profession. Teachers are the ones who put the new national curriculum in Finland (2016) into practice. Future focused research, curriculum implementation and its further development are part of their work. Teachers are the key in providing excellence and equity into education.



The purpose of the ALO Finland MOOC is more than just content delivery and theory. It aims to enhance collaboration between learners and encourage creative experiments in different schools and classrooms. MOOCs at their best become global learners communities with plenty of interaction and collaboration; sharing good ideas, thoughts and also failures, developing good practices further together.

Finland is facing changes in integrating technology into education and the very same challenge is happening globally. Therefore it will be not only interesting, but also useful to discuss different practical ways to successfully integrate technology into teaching and learning. ICT is not the only innovation in education and there is so much more happening in Finnish schools than just innovative pedagogy to go hand in hand with EdTech. The new national curriculum is introducing phenomenal, multi-disciplinary learning and other changes to meet the needs of the rapidly changing living, learning and working environments. 


1. Introduction to MOOC as a global learning environment and authentic learning. 

2. Finnish education - Curriculum, learning environment and collaboration. The new national curriculum (2016) introduces multi-disciplinary, phenomenal learning and seven competences such as ICT, computational thinking, collaboration, active participation, entrepreneurship, life skills.

3. Flipped classroom-pedagogy and gamification in secondary school in the European School of Brussels IV. Experimenting in English as a second language classes, was the starting point to further experiments in the primary school with the Finnish Twist, coding and gamified maths. A digital maths learning game was used to enhance learning and collaboration in class, school and beyond. 



1. Finnish education, curriculum and creative use of EdTech. 

Learn about innovative practical experiments and pedagogy in Finnish primary schools:

The basic concepts of gamification, playful and engaging learning, learning by teaching, whole school collaboration, learning environment.

2. Innovative Pedagogy – flipped classroom and collaborative learning.

Create, explore and experiment in practice: 

Teacher as a facilitator, tech as a tool, learners responsibilities and active participation, peer to peer learning.

3. Gamified maths.

Fun, useful and informative use of games to support individual learning. 

Effective use and making of learning videos and lesson plans to enhance collaborative learning and motivation for continuous skills development.

4. Learn from other teachers innovations in learning and teaching. 

Learn to share, care, communicate and collaborate in MOOC learners community and face to face.

5. Develop together and Innovate! 

Practice positive peer assessment skills, emphasis on problem solving and solutions. Share the good practices and also the mistakes that you made along the way. Failures can be great learning opportunities and there is rarely a straight route to success stories. Be creative and find new, brave ways to create inspiring learning opportunities for the little learners.

6. Compare and benchmark with the Finnish curriculum and its implementations in schools and your own school curriculum and practices.

Can Finnish way of teaching, learning and curriculum work in your country and school?



A free online certificate is provided after successful completion of the course. It is an online version, which can be easily linked to your LinkedIn profile.

Also a printed certificate can be ordered via Eliademy.



ALO Finland wishes to use students' tasks and discussions for further development, research and other purposes to promote effective global learning online and improve education in Finland and abroad.


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